Monday, October 16, 2006

Rants of a Snake Charmer - I

I have been fiddling a lot with Python ever since Python for Series 60 was launched. Python on a phone gives power to the end-user (who also wears the shoes usually worn by a developer) to make the phone do fantastic things.


Python is scripting language in the league of languages such as Perl. Perl is a universal measure for one's 'geekiness'. Although I would like to be remembered as a geek, I cannot help but prefer Python for its elegance (as compared to Perl) and as for Perl as a 'geekiness' measure, I cannot call myself a geek! :(

Python for Series 60 (Or PyS60)

Good folks at Nokia Research Center started this project in Dec 2004 and I was right on their tail. Armed with only a Nokia 3650 - a very old Series 60 1.2 product, I started learning the Python language; and became - the Snake Charmer!

The platform has evolved considerably in the past year and a half. Although this platform is good for RAD type prototype development, PyS60 community has produced highly functional and some complex programs.

In this series, I will publish my applications - small and large. These include:

  • Real-time Traffic Monitor for San Diego, CA freeways

  • XML Parser

  • Virtual Earth Maps API

I hope you will enjoy these rants of a Snake Charmer...


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